Genetic CTS family


Dear Dr Bland
We are the family with genetic carpal tunnel syndrome. I saw you recently with my son, and my daughter will be seeing you on February 28. I have been researching my family tree and have traced some Italian roots.
1802, Giuseppe Castelli later called Costello
Mary Ann Podesta
Bing Coney
In 1802 they lived in the north of Italy at Asso on Lake Como.
You mentioned that an Italian family had been researched with similar symptoms to ours. I was wondering if there was a common ancestry between our two families.
Can I also ask if I can have an appointment to see you please?


I've checked my reference database and there are 50 papers in there relevant to familial CTS though some are describing patients with disorders like mucoplysaccharidosis, hereditary predisposition to pressure palsies or amyloidosis - all of which can have CTS as one part of the picture. None of them are obviously Italian - the most recently described one, which I remember, was in South Wales. When I get a chance I have put it on my list to go through this bunch of papers and summarise them for a 'Familial CTS' section of the website but many of them I only have as paper potocopies so I'll have to get them out of the boxfiles in the common room of the department. We will then be able to see if any of the institutions the authors are working in are in Northern Italy.

I need a referral from your GP to see you. Unless you have a particularly awkward GP this should not be a big problem I hope. JB

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