Had CTS 9 months ago...still numb


Happy New Year to all! I had carpal tunnel surgery on both wrists 9 months ago...both hands still are quite numb. I recently developed severe pain in my elbow and a pins and needles sensation around the scapula in my back. Could this be related? Six months after the surgery my surgeon had me do a nerve test with the conclusions saying "There is EMG evidence of mild left neuropathy at the wrist" Any ideas?


Tinlging around the scapula is unlikely to be related to CTS as is severe elbow pain in isolation from other CTS symptoms. The post-operative nerve conduction test results are meaningless withour pre-operative studies to compare them with I'm afraid. Did they operate on both siimutaneously? Has there actually been any change in symptoms with surgery or are they just the same as before? JB

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