Operation both hands

David Williams

I have again received benefit from injections in both wrists for around six months giving sleep continuity. However I am now constantly waking and turning in bed to drop and hand down vertically to relieve numbness and pain, alternating in each hand throughout the night.
When we last spoke I was involved in a house move necessitating a lot of lifting and necessary use of hands and I was reluctant to go for an operation at that time. Having moved doctors to Berkshire it is clear I can get no treatment locally in Reading - there is a mammoth wait list. However I am spending half my time living in Ramsgate with my partner so Canterbury remains my preference for treatment.
Driving is now also causing numbness in the hands and it is difficult to relieve fully in the car without stopping and getting out.
I would welcome injections or an appointment for an operation - maybe giving priority to the right hand. I am left handed.
My address is 4 Garrawy Close, Ruscombe RG10 9FJ and I am registered at Twyford Surgery. You have my address in Kent.


I think as you are a part-time Kent resident we could continue seeing you. I'll email you a new appointment. JB

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