Carpal Tunnel Glove Result


I was fitted with a pair of carpal tunnel gloves on Thursday 10th January 2013 and I think it's fair to report now that these have been unsuccessful.

I am still getting the pins and needles symptoms in both my left and right hand fingers, regardless of whether I wear them or not. Also, when wearing them I find that the strap that fits between the thumb and index finger creates soreness in the fleshy area between.

I was told that the second stage is probably an injection in both wrists, which I think may be necessary and would welcome your views and an appointment for further examination.


That would indeed be the next logical step, at least for the right hand. If you give the Surgery in Primary Care Office a call on Monday morning they will be able to arrange injection for you. I would be inclined to inject the right side first and then, if that one responds well, inject the left side when the routine follow-up assessment is made 6 weeks later. The numbers for the SIPC office are in the contacts page. JB

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