CTS Update


Further to my first appointment on 1st March 2012, my update of 25th Sept 2012 and your reply of 26th Sept 2012.

As my hands had improved, as suggested, I left off the splints nightly for a week or so. Because of a weakness in my arms/particularly wrists (thought to have originally been brought on by simvastation) I decided I was happier wearing the splints nightly after all and have been doing so up to the present day.

Unfortunately, possibly due to carrying heavy bags or holding items awkwardly over the Xmas period, I have since experienced the return of the tingling/numbness in my left hand, particularly the thumb and slightly in part of right hand. This is also noticeable when holding shopping etc during the day. I shall continue to wear the splints nightly and maybe sometimes during day.

End of Update


Whenever you feel that it is getting worse or not being sufficiently controlled by splints we will test again for you and see if it is changing. Just let us know through here. JB

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