Dear Mr Bland,
(I sent this as an email 6 days ago (19th March), it has been returned undelivered.

Fearing it might bounce back again I have posted it here.)

I had an appointment with you in Canterbury on the 4th Feb at 2pm and following a nerve conduction test. I was found to have a reading of LH = 2 & RH = 5 as a result I saw you afterwards and you provided me with splints and booked an appointment at Beltinge & Reculver Surgery for 13/4/13 for a carpel tunnel operation along with one on 27/4/13 for removal of stitches.

I have since decided against the operation at this moment as my wife has been in bed for 3.2 weeks with a flair up in her Rheumatoid Arthritis, she is off her biological injections and taking steroids until the flair settles down.
This has resulted in me having to bath, dress and tend to her taking over all the houshold choirs ( shopping washing,cooking, ironing) and I am concearned that as we are not on top of her illness the operation would impair me carrying out these duties.

I have found relief from using the splints at night and despite having to change a hot water cylinder last week due to it leaking I have not had a flair up. I would have expected a flair in the recent past after undertaking such a job for the next couple of following days.

Once things settle down and become stable with my wife who has only recently been diagnosed and treated in the last few years I will have to review my problems.

I have informed Dr J Rine of the cancellation giving time I hope for the appointments to be allocated to another patient.

Yours Mr L E Smith


Many thanks I see that my email has got through & been replied to on its second attempt. Les

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