Post Op One Week


I had endoscopic surgery on both hands last Thursday six days ago. I see my surgeon on Monday for my follow up however I am nervous about some issues I am having that I never had before. When I turns hands certain ways, putting on clothes, reaching for something across a table, or even just pushing slightly on the wrist area causes an immediate 'shocking type' of numbness through my entire hand. It goes away quick but is sometimes so sharp it is scary I have read that this is a positive tinel (spelled wrong possibly!!) response. Not even sure what that means but it is happening all of the time! I never had it before! Do I need more time up heal as I am still sore or do I now have more issues than I had before? I am also weak in my left hand which I read can be hopefully improved with time and physical therapy. I really really need some input as I am scared. It is a very uncomfortable problem and I have taken to changing things like wearing a sports bra instead of a regular one as reaching behind my back really brings that instant hand numbing on. Please let me know what you think. It happens in both hands. I appreciate it so much. Thank you in advance... Linda


6 days post surgery is probably a little too early to worry about anything other than the development of a completely new fixed neurological deficit such as complete loss of sensation in the fingers (see the posting from an Australian lady a month or two back on here). The sudden shock-like or 'twanging' sensations which people describe after surgery are interesting and one can only speculate about the mechanism. They may be related to increased mobility of the median nerve amongst the tendons at the wrist once the transverse carpal ligament has been divided. If you watch the nerve on ultrasound as the fingers and wrist are moved you can sometimes see it suddenly flick into a different position amongst the tendons and it is plausible that, in a rather traumatised and irritable nerve, this might trigger a volley of signals which might account for this sensation - but that is only a guess.

You are right about the spelling of Tinel - you can read about it in the section of this site on physical examination for CTS. I don't think it is strictly correct to apply it to what you are describing.

As usual I have to ask on here, was it tested before surgery?, how bad was it? and did they try anything else by way of treatment first? JB

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