Still awaiting Operation date


Hi, I came to Canterbury hospital on 11th February 2013 and was seen by a lady in the Fracture Clinic. She assessed me (this was after the electrical tests etc. I had done at the end of last year). She stated that I needed surgery on both hands and that she would refer me. She stated the operation date would be about 3 months from the time of referral. We are 7 weeks on and I haven't received a date yet. I am currently on maternity leave and have an 8 month baby. I return to work in July when he is a year old and I have obviously informed them as it might affect my return to work. Would you be able to give me a rough idea when I might get a date? Obviously when Jack is a bit older would be helpful as I have to lift and change him etc and I am home with him all day and would struggle to get assistance for the two weeks recovery.

Many thanks

Jo McCann


You are not actually my patient from a treatment point of view, though we did your tests at the request of the orthopaedic deaprtment. I don't run their waiting list but we have tried to look you up on the hospital systems and cannot find much evidence of a booking for surgery. It would be worth telephoning the patient service centre to see if they can check if you are at least on somebody's waiting list. JB

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