Update on Operation

Joan Lucretia Taylor

Dr Bland
It is now nearly seven weeks since my operation which went well and I now have no carpal tunnel symptoms, and no sleepless nights! I did have to contact the clinic around three weeks ago and I spoke to Dr Rine because the wound was very sore and the top layer of skin was widening and giving me stabbing pains, I wasn't sure if this should happen. However he put my mind at rest and it is now healing and looking good. About two weeks ago I started getting slight stiffness in my fingers with aching pains across the top of the palm, so I have spoken with him again today and again it would seem a possible healing symptom and although he invited me to the surgery, I said I would persevere and only go if the pain got worse. Apart from the two queries I must say I am very impressed with both the operation and the after service I have received from the Clinic at Herne Bay.
Joan Taylor


It sounds as though you might be getting rather exuberant scar tissue forming. Hopefully it won't become a serious problem. Thanks for the feedback. JB

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