New pain onset


Good Morning,
I have completed the questionnaire.

My left hand is much worse.
my carpal tunnel has returned late June.
The first sign was being woken with my left hand pins needles and tingling.
Gradually getting worse with each day where it is happening during the day.
It seems to be traveling up my left arm with a dull ache.
it hurts to open anything, wash up, put dishes away and on occasions i get a pinch in the base of my two middle fingers of my left hand and on occasions my right hand.

My right hand is beginning to start feeling the strain of me having to swap from my left and when twisting or turning my wrists in both hands. i get a shooting pain in my wrist.

I ride a bike and the pressure at the end of a short cycle gives me tingling and pins and needles in both hands.
I am using my splint on the left hand to sleep and also now in the day time.

Many thanks for your help.


I've put you a new appointment letter in the post. JB


that is most appreciated, thank you very much.
thank you for your prompt reply.


Good afternoon, I have received my appointment letter, than you very much.
I'll see you then.

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