Not sure? Carpel Tunnel?


My symptoms started last September at the close of the bowling season (green bowls)

I played bowls every day for the last seven days of the bowling season (usually play three days a week) I then started to experience severe wrist pain on the sixth day, only my wrist was effected but after a few months my finger next to my thumb swelled and also the top part of my hand above my thumb and next finger to it (back of the hand),this swelling comes and goes usually worse when I use hand more.

Now the middle finger is effected the pain I have is inside of the fingers below the middle joint the muscles or sore and very tender this makes picking a cup pan or even squeezing washing up liquid into the bowl very tricky. The inside of these two fingers are sore to the touch at the moment but the wrist itself is okay.

The doctor is not sure what this is and sent me to a Physiotherapist, he also said the symptoms were not conclusive as the symptoms were not the norm.

My doctor is going to have a splint put on tomorrow but as this will be on my wrist I'm not sure this will help.
Does anyone know if the symptoms described can be attributed to Carpel Tunnel?


it's possible but perhaps more likely that the primary problem is inflammation of the tendons and/or joints from over-use. The questionnaire on here will give you an initial estimate of the probability of CTS but is no substitute for being able to see and examine the hand. Splinting might help both problems. You would be an obvious candidate for nerve conduction studies and possibly ultrasound imaging to try and clarify the diagnosis as it is not at all clear. JB

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