Update on questionnaire


About 3 to 4 months ago started with a 'clicking' at base of middle finger on right hand. Like a mild electric shock when bending the joint. This continued for many weeks. Then quite suddenly the pain became very severe in the middle and ring finger at night. Relief only after standing and walking around for an hour or more but unable to lie down in bed without the pain returning. Managed to get some sleep sitting up. This continued for about a week. Pain killers including Amitriptyline and Gabapentin had little effect. Then after a week the severe pain went and I was left with some numbness in the middle and ring finger. At this point in time the questionnaire details apply. Since then, i.e. the last month, the numbness in tip of middle finger and side of ring and middle finger has continued but no severe pain and no difference between day and night. Recently the 'clicking' has returned at times in the base of the middle finger as though a nerve is trapped there. I would mention that I play piano and have no problems there.


That sounds like a mixture of carpal tunnel syndrome and trigger finger - the two things often occur together. We will be seeing you at the end of April. JB

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