Trigger thumb


Hi Dr Bland, as you will be ware I had carpal tunnel surgery back in December last year, in my left hand, all was fine initially but I then started to get problems with my thumb. I am due to have surgery on my right hand in June this year, however, I have been today to my GP as the pain in my thumb has become unbearable and the thumb locks and becomes unusable for a while. I also gave my GP the form to sign following my last surgery. He thinks I have trigger thumb and muscle wastage as a result of the surgery and has told me I need you to review my hand prior to the next surgery date. I have an appointment with you on the 4th June, I assume you can look at this then? He has also said I will need an injection to the thumb to release it!!!! In the mean time can you suggest any further action I can take to relieve the pain. Many thanks


I can certainly look at your thumb on 4th June and I can usually recognise a trigger digit as these are common in CTS patients - though they are separate conditions. I have always found it interesting that both conditions respond to steroid injection. You should not have wasting of the thumb but we will take a look at that on the 4th. First aid treatment for trigger digit is a bit outside my field I'm afraid - I don't have any quick self help suggestions for that. JB

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