Treatment update


Dear Dr Bland I am writing with an update to my treatment, further to my visit on the 29th April. Initially the wrist supports helped whilst I slept and eased the tingling sensation experienced in my thumb and first two fingers, but this relief wore off after a week. After this time the tingling sensation started to reocurr in my thumb and first two fingers, but not as frequent as previously prior to wearing the straps. As I mentioned during our consultation, I also experience the same sensations in my little finger and ring fingers and this seems to be becoming slightly worse, increasing from once a night to twice a night as well as the sensations increasing in strength. I can continue with the wrist supports as they are slightly helping my thumb and first two fingers, but can anything be done to help ease the pain experienced in the ring and little fingers, as this is worsening? Regards Sharon Woodbury


With that change in distribution we should test your ulnar nerve and also perhaps consider injection of the carpal tunnel as an experiment. That means we will need to see you again and I will send out an appointment - it will be a few weeks I'm afraid. I will also move this discussion into the Canterbury patients forum in a day or two JB

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