Security and confidentiality

This is a publically accessible website and although we have taken reasonable precautions to secure the data which people submit to it there is no doubt that a determined hacker could gain access to anything which you submit to us. Some of the questions in the CTS questionnaire relate to personal matters which you may not wish to record in a medium which is less secure than your GP held medical records. If you are concerned by this but wish to use the site and questionnaire then you can use the facilities here entirely anonymously. You do not need to create an account on the system to complete the symptom questionnaire and get a result. If you want to be able to come back to that result and add further details however you will need to create a user account here but there is no necessity for you to store anything in the account details which identifies you if you do not wish to - if you are bothered by data security use a false name, an untraceable email address etc.

For my own patients however, I will have given you a unique reference number of my own and I would be grateful if you would enter this in the user account page even if you use completely anonymous entries otherwise. The 'key' which links these numbers to your identity is not in the public domain and is essentially known only to me and you. In this way, any hacker who obtains your data from this website will not know who it belongs to, but I will still be able to look up your answers easily in order to help manage your problem.

Dr J Bland

Revision date - 9th March 2011

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