Sore hands


Hello Dr Bland, hopefully I am doing this correctly. I am now in need of futher injections please as my hands are waking me frequently even with splints on. Please can I book for testing. Regards jax


Yes contacting me through the website this way is by far the most convenient method from my side. My records show this as a pretty mild CTS last time we tested but both that test and the last injection were more than a year ago now. If we are to re-inject again that would be the fourth time I think, and if you read some of the other recent postings in this forum you will see that we have a little group of patients attending the clinic who are requesting their 3rd, 4th, 5th or even 6th injection and that I have been giving similar replies to all of them. Essentially this has to be viewed as an experimental medical intervention for which there is no quality evidence of efficacy or safety. So far we have allowed patients to carry on with injections provided they understand this, but I have been monitoring such patients fairly closely. The issue is becoming common enough that I think I will have to put an extended version of the explanation on the website somewhere that I can refer people to. In your case we should clearly test again before deciding what to do and I will try to find an appointment somewhere. JB

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