Just reporting back: I had both wrists injected on Monday morning, after about five minutes in the waiting area. The procedure was completed expertly with minimal discomfort - I gave a score of 1/10 on the pain scale. I took some care not to engage in the kind of activity which last week provoked hand pain, until yesterday (three days). Then I carried heavy shopping, dug the garden and pulled brambles - all previously guaranteed to cause me to wake in pain in the early hours. There was no pain.
It remains to be seen how long this will persist but for the present, I'm cured. My thanks to the CTS team.


Thanks for the progress report. Average remission would be about 6-12 months but I suspect that a lot depends on what you do with the hands. It seems quite likely that relapses are triggered by personal or activity factors which set the CTS off again rather than it being a 'wearing off' of the steroid effect. Let us know if and when it starts to be a problem - I would always prefer to know what is happening earlier rather than later - that leaves me the widest range of options on what to do. JB

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