Hi I was diagnosed with CTS about 2yrs ago. I have recently been to Physio (self referred) about my hands and other joint problems. They have suggested I return to you for an update on the severity of my symptoms (conduction test?) as they would like confirmation that this is not part of my other joint problems. Do I need to go back to my GP or can I self refer to you? mackchhands


As you have already been referred to my clinic, and as long as you have not changed GP, I can just send you a review appointment - at least at present. I see you have just done a new symptom questionnaire. The first thing I need to do is make sure that I have you correctly identified. There is only one person of your name in my patient database and I have inserted that person's reference number in your website registration for now but can you email me some other details - date of birth/address etc so that I can be absolutely sure I have the right person. My email is in the contacts page. Once I have you identified for certain I will move this message thread into the Canterbury patients forum where it belongs and send you out an appointment. JB

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