I've worn the splints for 3 weeks every night and have now slept for a week without them on, I havnt had pins and needles or numbness in my right hand (the hand I have carpal tunnel in)since but strangely im now experiencing pins and needles in my left hand - I did wear the splint on this hand for the 3 weeks Should I continue to wear the splint on my left hand and if so for how long? Thankyou


You did have some symptoms in the left hand when we saw you, though not as much as the right - I think that's why we gave you splints for both sides. Are the left hand symptoms actually worse now than they were at the start of September? It is very common to get CTS in both hands so if it feels like the same thing to you it probably is. Unless it feels quite a bit worse I would persevere with splinting the left hand only for another couple of weeks and then review the situation. JB

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