Relapse after injection


Dear Dr Bland I had my first injection for Right hand CTS on 22nd July 2013. It helpd a lot for a while but the night pain has returned and is now considerable. I am back using the splint at night and taking pain killers which are not at all effective. When I saw you prior to the injection you said we shoud consider surgery as the nerve conduction test had shown a decrease in function. Can you put me on the waiting list now or do I need to come and see you again before that? Anna Witham d.o.b. 27 06 38


As this was grade 4 in July and has relapsed quite quickly after injection it would be reasonable to go for surgery. We have one space for surgery in Herne Bay just before Xmas - would you like me to book that?

I'll also move this into the Canterbury patients forum once you have seen it. JB

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