i have been woke up for past week with severe pain in my hand its like a burning pain as if sumones trying to pull my fingers off if i get up and have 10 mins it eases but as soon as i aseep again it starts and wakes me up again . i have took various painkillers from paracetamol to co codemol to kapake and nothing helps , it seems to be getting worse as it started hurting thru day as well now with the tingling in the finger tips and numbness it also aches at the ase of my thumb , i have an appointment at the docs tomoro im just wondering if this sounds like cts and if so is there anything i can do to ease it so i can sleep tonight as i am totally worn out thanks in advance


You have a fairly low symptom score on the questionnaire so there is only a fairly modest chance that this is CTS but it still could be. The simplest first aid approach to night time tingling hands is to try a wrist splint. These are reasonably inexpensive and more or less harmless so suitable for a trial of treatment even without consulting a doctor. Beyond that it really depends what your doctor thinks. JB

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