Ultrasound Trial

Caz A

I completed the 7 week ultrasound trial yesterday & during this time, I've worn splints each night. This treatment has reduced my symptoms greatly & I haven't suffered from pins & needles or pain throughout. As I've now completed the trail I thought I'd see if my symptoms returned if I didn't wear the splints & they did! I woke twice during the night with pins & needles & woke with painful hands in the morning. Maybe I was unlucky & didn't receive the live ultrasound but back to wearing the splints each night for me!!!


Of course we won't know which arm of the trial you are in for a long time. It is conceivable that the effect of ultrasound might be to reduce the proportion of people who end up with surgery or delay progression rather than curing people so we are looking for any difference in outcome or progression between the two groups. Let me know when you decide that anything more than splinting is needed. JB

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