Small Painless Bumps in Bad Wrist


I was diagnosed with carpal tunnel in my left wrist about two months ago after four years of pain. The doctors did an EMG test, but it didn't return any results. So they decided to do a cortisone injection. The pain was gone for about the first month, but I'm starting to feel pain again. I play viola for a few orchestras, so it makes practicing painful. The veins going into my hand have been bright purple for a few weeks now, where in my other wrist you can barely make them out. I also noticed at rehearsal yesterday that when I bend my wrist back, there are two small bumps on the left side. They haven't caused me any pain, but I'm still concerned. Any clue what these may be? It's rather expensive to go to my doctor, so if I'd to do all possible research by myself first. Thanks for the help, if I left out any detail let me know.


I presume that 'didn't return any results' means normal results rather than no results at all. From that short description it does not sound typical of CTS and CTS is not the only thing that may respond to steroids. As the rest is really about examination findings - veins and bumps - I doubt if it is possible to give any very safe advice on the internet I'm afraid, you really need to be able to see these things, sorry! You might try going through the diagnostic questionnaire on here though to get an idea of just how typical, or otherwise, your symptoms are for CTS. JB

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