1 Year On & bad wrist pain

Hello Dr Bland.
Sorry but I cannot remember my Canterbury ref no. I came to your clinic about a year ago now. At that appointment you confirmed CTS & gave me some wrist splints to wear. I was also breastfeeding at the time & was sure it would subside once I finished breastfeeding as it did with my first child. I was to contact you via this blog & update you with my situation once breastfeeding had finished. Well here I am and unfortunately a year on & finished breastfeeding 8 months ago now & my symptoms are still occurring which are waking up in the night with numbness/pins & needles & pain so bad that I have to get out of bed a walk round. This occurs mainly in my right arm. It doesn't happen every night but probably 5 out of 7 nights. when I wake in morning it takes a while for my fingers to get the feeling back & putting earings in is a nightmare as I cant feel my fingers. Gets better as day progresses but even holding my daughters hand I get pins & needles & have to swap them over constantly. Recently my wrists have started to feel constantly tender on the outer side of my wrists...tender to touch too. I have been hoping it would clear up but I feel enough is enough & I need help. I do seem to have 'lumpy' wrists....I do not know if this is normal? I try self massage which I think does help sometimes but it feels like I have really hard knots in there.
Anyway, I will let you digest that lot & look forward to hopefully hearing back from you.
Many thanks in advance


I've added your reference number to your registration page. It was actually 22nd January when I saw you. It sounds as though we should test them again and consider injection or surgery. There is a space in the clinic this Thursday at 12:00 noon if you are free? JB


Excellent. See you Thursday.
Many thanks


OK I'll make sure it gets added to the diary. See you then. JB

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