hello a newbie here so don't know hoe this really works!


hi,i have had this for a few years but only just went to docs after a push from my daughter. Got referred had the tests and carpal tunnel was found in right not left (the one i have most problems with!) had steroid injection in october in the left wrist and over the last few weeks my hand has been going numb and today while driving my fingers went numb and tingly so done the usual shake the hand and hold it down so blood runs back in,didn't work,what to do? follow up appointment next month at docs who done the steroid injection.


When exactly is the follow-up appointment at Estuary View? Do you think the symptoms are any better after injection? The left hand was abnormal on the ultrasound even if it didn't show definite CTS on the nerve conduction studies so that probably is the right diagnosis but we should keep an open mind. I'll decide what we do next depending on the answers to those questions. JB

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