aPallo Wrist Brace System


Has anyone tried the aPallo wrist brace system and if so what are your thoughts? I have been researching a lot of braces and really like this one, but seems like a newer product so trying to find out if anyone has any experience with it. I think it is a good idea to have the 2 braces, one for day and one for night, and like the ice pack idea. Here is a link to the brace:


I appreciate any feedback on the brace


This is very close to advertising but I will leave it up for the moment. Would you mind stating whether you have any connection with Dr Pallo or his clinic please. These braces seeem exceptionally expensive to me and I am not aware of any satisfactory controlled trials showing that any particular splint design is superior - the only thing which is known is that the angle at which the wrist is supported matters. Similarly ice/heat has not been shown to have a definite effect on CTS and most people seem to get on well with a single splint rather than requiring different ones for night and day. Dr Pallo does have a point about keeping the fingers straight to keep the lumbrical muscles out of the carpal tunnel but it may also not be very comfortable to have the fingers forcibly extended like this at night and in a few patients this position will actually cause muscle from the forearm to invade the carpal tunnel from the other end so it might require some experimentation to see what works best for the individual. JB

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