Numbness and tingling returning in left hand

I last saw you on the 16th Dec I think, where I was tested again for CTS.
Since then, the symptoms in my left hand have worsened. I've been wearing wrist splints on both hands for ages now, but the past few nights have woken with pain, stiffness, tingling in the left hand. The right hand is very stiff in the morning as well. As I'm typing, the left hand begins going numb/tingling as well. I need to type for work so might try wearing the splint when typing if that could help?
Just wondered if in all your research, you've ever found a dietary link with CTS?
Many thanks,


Just wanted to ask as well - I also get 'twitching' in my index finger - could this be related to CTS?
thank you.


Diet and CTS - no proven direct links but eating too much can lead to diabetes which in turn probably predisposes to CTS and radical vegetarian diets can make you ill through vitamin B12 deficiency if you don't take supplements - and that can affect nerve function. There was a flurry of interest a few years ago in vitamin B6 dficiency as a possible cause of CTS but this seems to have been fairly comprehensively debunked now.

Twitching - CTS does not cause spontaneous involuntary movements, though it can produce a variety of odd sudden sensations.

Worsening symptoms - the obvious next step would be to try steroid injection. I can arrange that for you if you wish to try it. Read about it here on the website and then let me know. JB


Many thanks for your reply - was just curious about the diet implications. Will have a look into steroid injections and let you know. I've had one in my right hand which did take care of the symptoms, so that is probably what I would like to do with the left as well.
Thank you,

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