Updated symptom questionnaire

Eve Beach

I have just updated my symptom questionnaire. Results show worsening of CT symptoms in affected hand. Following steroid injection in May 2013 I was symptom free for next few months. For last few weeks symptoms (night time in particular) have returned with a vengence. Am pretty exhausted with night symptoms keeping my awake for aprox 2 hrs - often leaving me having only had 3-4 hrs sleep. Would I now be a candidate for surgery or not? Surgery was very successful on my dominent left hand approx 40 yrs ago so am keen to have right hand done and will seek this via my Benenden Healthcare if unlikely to be offered from the K&C clinic.


Those scores are going up aren't they - I think it's probably worth testing again and if it is measurably worse I would then generally go on to surgery. I'll send out an appointment for testing and we can discuss where it is best to have surgery then - it may be worth making use of Benenden. JB

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