re splints

g hovvels

message for Dr bland, after appointment on 12/12/13 you gave me splints for both hands which im pleased to say have worked at night, i sleep much better so im really pleased with that result, however, had injections in both wrist's two weeks ago, left feels a bit better but right is still hurting i get shooting pains through my right wrist, Dr i saw did say it might take up to four weeks to feel any change if any, he also said he will ring when four weeks is up..G Hovvels.


We actually aim to review the outcome of injection at 6 weeks as almost all cases seem to have completed whatever improvement they are going to show by then (and a few have already relapsed). The right hand was the more severe CTS so I might expect less of a response on that side. We'll see what it feels like in a few weeks but you might have to consider surgery on the right hand. JB

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