pain returning after 2 steroid injections


hi mr bland I came to see you on 2nd july 2013,i had a conductor test done you recommended I try splints for night and a steroid injection which I have had done twice both worked for a while the last injection I had was in October now the symptoms I had have returned and now the tops of my arms feel heavy too.i have started to wear the splints at night with not much success.regards pam powling


It looks from my records as though the second round of injections were done without checking with me as I have no record of those. Starting out from grade 3 and with fairly quick relapse (July to October) I would probably have re-tested them and perhaps gone for surgery if they were deteriorating. We should definitely re-test now but we have an issue with Ashford CCG at present - have you read the note about their 'alternative' CTS service? JB

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