pain worse after operation

barbie brinkman

Can anybody please help ? I had an op on my left hand about a month ago . Although the spasms and paralysis appears to have receded. I am in dreadful pain all day and night , mainly around the thumb area. My surgery was put out to a private hospital and the whole procedure was , I can only be described as casual and I felt very uncared for ( I have had extensive surgery for cancer two years ago and 4 natural births, so am quite used to pain) I felt as if the anaesethetic had been injected straight through ,a nerve , it was excrutiating.


We need to know a bit more to try and figure out what is amiss but it certainly should not usually be that painful a month after routine carpal tunnel surgery. If you can remember what the symptoms felt like before the operation it would be useful to go through the diagnostic questionnaire on here, answering the questions for the situation as it was before surgery, not for the symptoms now. We would also like to know what investigations were carried out before the operation, especially nerve conduction studies so that we can get an idea of how severe the nerve damage was beforehand, and it would also be useful to know if any other treatment was tried before surgery and what the response of the symptoms was. It would be a good idea to read the page of this site which deals with trying to analyse the nature of the problem when surgery has not turned out as expected. What do the surgeons themselves say at follow-up? JB

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