cts injection 11.2.14


Hi Dr Bland, I'm pleased to report that the injection given to me (by the lovely Emma) yesterday has already relieved my symptoms. I've had only the slightest ache in my wrist yesterday eve. Had the first decent nights sleep in about six weeks. Could use my hand almost as normal this morning i.e. was able to pick up coffee cup and open food packets no problems. I still get some tingling when I hold a cigarette (yes I know :) ). Thank you, thank you, thank you. X


I'm glad it worked. It is of course quite likely to be temporary and I would still like you to discuss with your surgeon the options for further management. Let us know what happens as we go along please, I'm always happy to see what is going on through the medium of this forum rather than being left in the dark about how our patients are faring. JB

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