Carpal tunnel op

Mr Richard Whybrow

I am trying to find out when my operation on my right hand might take place in view of the heart operation that is scheduled for roughly 8 weeks time. As the mobllity and feeling in that hand is very impaired it would be great if that could be cleared up before the major operation on the heart.


Try calling the East Kent Hospitals Trust (01227 766877) and ask to speak to Pat Wood in the orthopaedic waiting list office in Margate - I'm afraid you will have to negotiate the voice recognition system but you should eventually get through. We have chosen to try and get your operation performed on one of the hospital operating lists and I do not administer those myself so I can't answer directly. Pat or her staff should be able to confirm that they have received the waiting list documentation for you and perhaps give you an idea of how long it is likely to be.

For surgery in primary care appointments we operate rather differently and assign a date for surgery as soon as we make the decision to operate - but the queue is a bit longer that way at present. I'll move these message to the Canterbury patient's forum once you have had a chance to see this reply as I try to keep all discussions related to my clinic in one place. JB

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