CTS Injection on 2 August 2011


Dr Peter Biggs administered my CTS Injection yesterday (on 2 August, the appointment being brought forward from 23 August due to a cancellation).
All went very well at the appointment and I didn't suffer any ill effects from the procedure. It's now a little over 24 hours since the injection and apart from the occasional slight ache, all feels well. Even though it would seem too good to be true, I do detect some improvement already. Cycling used to bring on some symptoms of CTS and I didn't suffer these today during a cycle ride. Obviously, it's a little early to tell but I'm hoping for the best.
For the time being, I'm going to continue wearing a splint in bed as this is the time that the CTS is most prevalent. How long should I wait before trying to get a night's sleep without the splint?
I am very grateful for the help and advice that I've received from both Dr Bland and Dr Biggs.
At Dr Bland's request, I will update my progress in this forum.


I would continue splinting it at night until the symptoms appear to have resolved completely then try leaving it off. Most people seem to respond to inujecton within about 48 hours or so but a few take longer, sometimes up to about a month. There has never been a study where people, for example, keep a symptom diary for a few weeks folliowing injection to document the exact time course of what happens to the symptoms, so it is hard to give a scientific answer when people ask what to expect. JB


Many thanks, I'll keep you updated.

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