Symptoms returned ... but different


I was treated for carpal tunnel at Canterbury last summer, by injection in each wrist. The improvement was rapid - the symptoms disappeared completely - and lasted until a month ago. I helped a friend with a day's gardening which included a stint of moving grow bags full of damp compost. I lifted them by gripping the edges, which had begun to cause me discomfort in my left hand before I stopped. Since then, pain in my left hand has woken me most mornings at between 4.00 and 4.30 am. A single ibuprofen seems to give some relief. Unlike my earlier symptoms, I am now affected on the left only; the pain is likely to visit me several times during a day; the numbness is felt in all digits, including the thumb; there is slight swelling associated with an episode, to judge by the tightness of my wedding ring; sometimes I have a sensation like a series of very slight electric shocks in the hand. All of which leads me to wonder whether this is in fact a 'carpal tunnel' issue: might it instead be a consequence of the damage which I did forty years ago, when I allowed an undiagnosed break in the middle metatarsal(?) to mend un-set. Am I a candidate for a carpal tunnel clinic consultation or should I go to my GP and ask to be referred elsewhere?


As we know you had CTS last year and some of the symptoms now could plausibly be CTS the easiest thing to start with is probably to check the state of your nerves again. I'll get an appointment sent out and we'll see what we're dealing with. JB (appt sent)

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