Post Carpal Tunnel


I had an appointment with Dr Bland on 17th Feb 2014, then had an appointment with Dr J Miles on 17th March 2014 when I had injections in both wrists. The effect on my right hand was almost immediate, my left hand has improved a lot but still getting pins and needles from time to time. No splints worn at night now though and a good night sleep can be had. Dr Miles has also advised operation on both wrists should be performed, confirming Dr Blands first opinion


This was quite a severe CTS in both hands so in one sense that is a surprisingly good response to injection. Surgery is certainly an option but you could also try giving the left hand a second dose of steroids. Another way of helping make a decision would be to repeat the nerve conduction studies and see if nerve function has measurably improved - definite improvement might sway you in favour of further conservative treatment rather than surgery. Do you think the current symptoms in the left hand are bad enough to justify surgery yourself? JB

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