Steroid injections



On Thursday 27th March I had a Steroid injection, and was asked to update you on the result.

unfortunately the injection has not worked, my hand is still the same.


Sarah Hazelden-Plumbly


That's disappointing, but we do know that about 1 in 5 do not respond so you are not alone. A few people do show a later response, anything up to about 6 weeks after injection which is when we aim to make a formal reassessment. I think your operation on the other side was fairly successful was it not? We could therefore start thinking about getting you into the system for surgery - and cancel if there is a marked late esponse to steroids in the next few weeks? If you are less certain about surgery we could test again to see if nerve function has changed measurably in 6 weeks so that we would have more information on which to make a decision. JB

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