left arm and hand


I AM getting fairly strong tingling in my left arm up asfar asthe shouder and down to the wrist the feeling is there all the time , but becomes more severe when I first get up or when my hand is down by my stde.also during these spells my hand feels weak and numb


Where exactly is the tingling and numbness in the hand - in particular which finger are most severely affected? We found two different nerve problems in your arm and we have to try and disentangle how much of the problem is CTS and how much is the ulnar nerve at the elbow. Have you noticed any change following injection?

It might also be a good idea to change your user id on the site here - it's better not to use our reference numbers as these should be kept private. You can change it on the MyCTS tab - using the 'Account settings' link. Just choose something anonymous which you can remember. JB

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