My symptoms have returned


I have had two lots of steroid injections in both my hands and have been using an alternative method (C-track) to relieve the more severe bouts of numbness and tingling in my hands. I have been symptom free until last month when both hands started hurting and I found it painful to carry shopping or grip anything.

I am an IT support Analyst and my hands hurt during the day because of keyboard use and holding a pen is staring to get difficult again.

Last night I woke up with my left hand totally numb and the base of my thump throbbing. It took a while to get the sensation going again and has been hurting me all day. My right hand hurts and I find it difficult to bend my fingers and I am constantly dropping things.

I am starting to get very fed up now and just want this to stop!


It sounds as though it has taken quite a turn for the worse recently and maybe we should be thinking about surgery. As you live in the Ashford area this has become a little administratively complex this year but it looks as though you can still return to my clinic and I can arrange something for you. At least if I see you again we can discuss the options. If you can make it to my clinic at 8:30 one morning I will squeeze you in as an extra at the start of a clinic - can you manage that early? The other thing I could do with is the details of the second injection - the one that was done round about April 2013 - if we could get the date from Dr Fox that would complete my records. JB

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