CTS left hand injections


Dr Bland - have seen you 3 times at K&C and my results always the same - 5. Had a steroid injection last July which had (I thought) about 30% effect for a few months. Saw you again in January of this year when it was still at 5 and it was suggested I returned to Dr Brown for a further injection. I had one done about 10 weeks ago and a second one done (re the Spanish percentage I understand) 2 weeks ago. I will of course be returning to see Dr Brown in about 5 weeks. My question actually is to ask you whether it would be possible after the next 8 weeks when I would have seen Dr Brown again, to be re-tested by you to see if I have gone down from a 5 to give me a clearer idea as to whether the injections are giving sufficient improvement or whether an op is the only real answer. Dr Brown also thought this would be a good idea. I believe he thinks that an op may have to be the final outcome but one must always have hope!!!

Joan Gadd


Yes if you can spare the time we wil test it and see if there has been any measurable change. I'll wait to see the report from Vernon Brown on the response at 6 weeks post injection and then we'll take it form there. You can always give me a poke on the forum here but I'll move this discussion thread to the Canterbury patients forum in a day or two as that's where it belongs really. JB

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