CTS - Annual Update - May 2014


Dear Dr. Bland With reference to my first appointment on 1st March 2012 and my updates of 25.9.12 and 24.3.13 - another year has passed and I am still continuing to wear my splints nightly (with a few exceptions). Things remain almost the same as in my communication to you of 24.3.13, with my experiencing a tingling/numbness in my left hand sometimes, more recently it has been the thumbs on both hands. I am most happy to continue wearing the splints and they comfort my aching wrists - I would now miss them and they keep me warm on winter nights !! Regards Jeannie


Nice to hear from you again but I will move this into the Canterbury patients forum in a few days. Are you sure you don't want to try them with a local steroid injection and see if we can dispense with the splints? Another thing we might think of doing is testing them again to see if there is any measurable change in nerve function - mostly a matter of curiosity if you are happy with the current situation but it is quite unusual for someone to persist with splints only for so long if the symptoms have not entirely gone away. JB

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